7 in 1 Field Survival Whistle

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7 in 1 Field Survival Whistle
7 in 1 Field Survival Whistle
7 in 1 Field Survival Whistle
7 in 1 Field Survival Whistle
7 in 1 Field Survival Whistle
  • Features:
  • Material: ABS high strength anti-drop high-temperature engineering material
  • Ideal for outdoor sports camping, hunting, hiking, etc.
  • Standard military regulations high-decibel 
  • Refers to the North (South) needle (high accuracy, clear at a glance)
  • High precision thermometer (faster and more accurate the first time to grasp the current temperature)
  • Survival Reflectance Signal Mirror (using the principle of sun reflection to find the rescue of the staff to explain their current location)
  • Fire magnifying glass
  • High white LED flashlight (in the field without light under the premise of emergency use of the lighting system, LED light bulb life of 10,000 hours)
  • Sealed warehouse (in the trip before you can place their own lifeblood: write their own name, address, telephone, blood type, etc. in order to rescue your staff for the first time to master the situation)
  • Nylon lanyard (carry more convenient)
  • Battery replacement method: the things apart, the middle part of the mirror to see inside, that is, behind the LED lights, there is a screw, that is, for the place of the battery button.


  • Specifications:
  • Color: Army Green
  • Material:ABS
  • Size: 9.5x 2.8cm/3.74x1.1"
  • Quantity: 1Pc


  • Package includes: 
  • 1Pc x  Survival Whistle Compass

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